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Natural Methods to Treat TMJ and Eliminate Jaw Pain

TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular joint disorder occurs in the jaw joint and can be rather painful for those suffering from it. The joint that connects the jaw to the bones that are located on the side of the head is where this pain lies. This results in problems with the jaw joint and muscle movement having flexibility problems. Some of the symptoms can be treated with a few natural methods or clinically.

For those who suffer with TMJ the symptoms can be mild or even severe. Some common symptoms can include facial pain, jaw locking, headache, ear pain, hard time opening or closing your mouth, pain in the neck and more. If you do happen to suffer from any or all of these symptoms that are more severe you should consult with your doctor. There are however a few natural methods that you can do to help eliminate symptoms. These can be done at home.

Avoid Moving the Jaw Constantly

When possible, avoid opening your mouth wide to yawn, sing or chew food or other items. To help eliminate some of the pain or to add to it, try to keep jaw movement to a minimum. When eating, be sure to cut foods into smaller pieces and you should also try to stay away from foods that are hard to chew. Soft foods can be better and prevent putting too much pressure on the jaw.

Keep Stress Under Control

Stress can play a huge role in many things and can add to your TMJ. It can contribute to spasms of your muscles and can also lead to stiffness of the jaw. There is nothing positive about stress and it has negative effects on your body. This is why you should learn how to keep your stress levels at a minimum. A few stress-relieving exercises include yoga as well as meditation.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold and hot compresses to the jaw area can help relieve pain, spasms, and tension you feel. Using either or really depends on your personal preferences. Some prefer using hot while others prefer using cold. It’s all a matter of which works better for you and your situation.

Exercises and Facial Massages

Facial massage as well as exercises can be both relaxing and beneficial to your joints and muscles. Blood flow can also be increased resulting in less pain. Always ask your doctor about what methods can benefit you the most for your situation.

There are many natural methods that can be beneficial for relieving your TMJ symptoms. More and more people are beginning to use natural methods as they are proven to work and help with other health conditions as well.

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