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What Causes TMJ and How Can You Eliminate Jaw Pain?

Are you experiencing jaw pain or discomfort? Is it difficult for you to open and close your mouth? Can you clamp your top jaw and bottom jaw together without first even thinking about it?

Did you recognize that in that location are muscles around the joint of your jaw that will drive these symptoms to become worse? These TMJ symptoms can cause you a large amount of pain.

If you are experiencing pain around your TMJ or jaw muscles, then you will want to speak to a doctor to see what can be done to help with your TMJ pain.

You have muscles inside of your mouth, outside of your mouth and in the cheeks that can cause tightness. These muscles can cause your TMJ issues.

If you press your fingers around the jaw area inside of the mouth, where the soft tissue and the bone meet. This will be upward from your bottom teeth and downward from the top teeth. These spots may be very tender and will cause a large amount of pain to radiate. You can then massage these muscles for more than a few seconds and will feel them begin to loosen as well as becoming less tender. Once you start to feel as if these muscles are becoming less tender then you will start to be able to relax from the pain.

This is what will happen when you press into muscles that are tight. The muscles will begin to relax. This will only happen if the pain is being caused from the TMJ. If the pain is being seen from someplace else then you are not going to experience a relief in pain.

If you are to press on the whole mouth, you will begin to see that your whole face will become relaxed. Remember that your cheek muscles too can become too tight and there are things that can be done to correct that. Place a finger on the outside and inside of your cheek and let the tips of the two fingers touch. Once you have done this, press the tight areas in the cheek muscles and rub. This will help to relax the muscles in your cheeks.

Make sure that anytime that you put your fingers inside of your mouth, that you do not have long finger nails. You will also want to make sure that your hands are clean prior to putting them inside of your mouth. If you begin to feel some tender spots inside of your mouth, continue to massage or press on these areas which will help to relax them.

There are many ways that you can relax the muscles around the TMJ. This is an easy little movement that can be done to help relax the muscles in the jaw area which will help. You will want to pretend that you are chewing all the while you hold your teeth apart and keep your lips closed. This is one way that you can help to make the TMJ pain go away.

Some people will find that you may get some relief from actually chewing gum while most others find that it aggravates the TMJ. Only do this if this is what helps your TMJ.

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